We Believe in Getting Back By Giving First

We each have the choice to do good. 

As a group united in cause, we will be the spark to Inspire each other, our workplace, and beyond.

Inspired envisions a world where working women thrive; professionally, personally and spiritually. That reality does not happen by government decree, it does not happen solely through male colleagues (though they can support it), it does not happen if working women are passive to the cause.  It happens through our united actions.

Inspired Women is not an organization that simply “talks” about our vision for the future; we “walk” the process and proactively engage to create it.  We ask that all Inspired women step up to be Inspired Advocates, creating a workplace environment where we thrive.



Inspired Women who adopt an Advocacy Attitude are simply asked to ‘walk the talk’ by choosing to “do good”. To proactively seek and serve working women around them, in any capacity. There are no actions too small or too large.  One act may seem insignificant, however, many actions, delivered with consistency, will create a momentum of change in our workplaces – and our community.



Choices determine our destiny.  Inspired women believe that when we give to each other both personally and professionally, we ‘get back’ tenfold. Our commitment to an advocacy mentality is evident in our entire approach. We’re not here to “get” business. An Inspired Attitude does not lead with what’s in it for me, rather, it chooses to seek what can I give.   Through acts of giving, we empower not only other women but our communities as a whole.



There are times when every working woman finds themselves in a bind. At those times, Inspired women are going to do more than “talk”. We are going to step in with resources, financially and otherwise to ease the challenge.

Stay tuned for the launch of Inspired Assistance later in 2018.

Where can you start? 

Are you an employee?  As an employee you may feel your influence or actions are limited; they are not.  Everyone can choose to be kind, to compliment, to reduce workplace stress and anxiety, to build up others around them, not cut them down.  Maybe you take on being the break room clean-up person.  Not for extra wages, not for brownie points, but, just because you know those clean environments can lead to more productive work.  Maybe you mentor a rookie employee and make their onboarding experience with the company you work for a pleasant one.  Maybe you choose to go the extra mile for a customer with a challenge when it was not in your job description to do so.  Maybe you take time to love the unloved.
Are you a business owner? When was the last time you evaluated your employee benefits in an effort to retain the happiest, healthiest employees possible? Studies have proven that happy employees are motivated and productive. They’re also loyal.  Incentives inspire staff to go the extra mile in a time when good old-fashioned work ethic seems to have all but disappeared.

PETS Fortune Magazine published an article in 2016 stating that Pet Insurance had become the hottest job benefit of the year. According to the article, having a canine pal in the office increases morale, teamwork, and productivity, even if your dog spends most of his day just snoozing under your desk.

THE GYM Many businesses provide the opportunity for their employees to work out during company hours. Others offer gym memberships, still, others provide monthly stipends toward healthy activities or classes, which can be done over the lunch hour without the threat of clocking in and out on a strict timeline.

FLEXTIME For some, the issue of trust often arises when flextime is brought up. To solve this potential problem, companies like Netflix only judge employees but what they accomplish, not how many hours they work. In many cases, employees often work harder when they know results are the judge. 


More Opportunities For Advocacy

Are you a Single Working Mom?   Does advocacy feel overwhelming to you?  If so, there are many other single working moms that likely feeling the same thing.  How about launching a support system for your “tribe”?  Could you offer errand help, childcare, or other assistance that working moms value?  Maybe through common needs a seed is planted for a new business idea, a new entrepreneur is in the making and a new solution blossoms. As a community, women helping women through our united actions can change any situation, community or generation.

Are you working from home? How many entrepreneurs, internet marketers or single working women find themselves isolated at home. Does anyone have an office space they can share? Better yet, together – can we get the investors to build a shared workspace?

Do you love your community? The Community always provides opportunities. From having your children pick up litter at a park (in exchange for ice cream, of course), to bending down and picking up one piece of trash on the trail – we always have a choice – to make a difference.